Alex Radford

Hello there and welcome to my portfolio. On this website are projects that I have worked on as a game developer and as musician . All the assets are created by myself and produced on a smaller scale so that I can show different genres and creativity.


The infamous game had to have been made as it was part of my foray into effective game design. I recreated the title with no major changes and provided a learning experience to 2d physics and CPU design.

Text-Based Adventure

My favourite of game genres! I just had to create a text based adventure. Although the code behind this project is a bit overkill I wanted to be able to demonstrate my writing abilities both coding and creative.

Match 3

My match 3 game Veggies showcases my ability to create projects for different audiences. As for a few years these types of games held a large demographic and gained high economic value I felt it an ideal learning experience to think of a different audience than myself.

About me

The small points below are to inform you of my strong skill sets with detail and information about how and why I am a designer.


Whilst at University I attended lectures on computer science which further drew me into game design. After graduating I proceeded to delve deeper into software development with an apprenticeship focusing on studying C# alongside working on a cross-platform mobile project.

2d Art

After taking a break from University I focused on my hobbies, leading myself to creative opportunities. I developed a love of art and drawing, attending life drawing classes and engaging myself in both vector, painting, and concept art.

3d Art

For a year in my college education I studied Computer games development. It largely focused on the fundamentals of 3d art. This sparked a massive interest in games development that is a passion of mine and something I am determined to be part of. Because of this I have gained skills in modelling, soft surface and hard. As well as texturing, rigging and animating.

Music and Sound

After my College education I took a step away from the 3d aspects and began focusing on music and sound. I felt that the course wouldn't lead to the best route into game design and I decided that an academic education would better my chances at breaking into the industry than a vocational one.


At University I took part in the Drama Society performing in plays and engaging in many elements of performance. Whilst doing this an opportunity arose in which I wrote a comedic play that won best writing of that year.

Game Design

I enjoy the creative side of game design as well as the puzzle solving elements of development. All combined with an unending passion for games. I engage in both board games and video and have a guilty pleasure of D and D. Above all of this is a passion for making the best games that can inspire players to learn, develop and have a good chuckle with.

Get in touch

If you are interested in a chat or would like to get in contact with me then please feel free to send me an email.